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In 2024 the rally returns to West Africa, what’s shaping up to be the longest and most demanding route of the Budapest-Bamako.  We’ve ventured this long and deep into the heart of West Africa. The route is expected to be spectacular and difficult and as always, full of unexpected twists, turns and adventure. For teams in racing and 4×4 adventures the route will be stunning and very demanding. For bikers natural beauty, varied landscapes and backbreaking routes are expected.

WARNING: Please always keep in mind that this is a volatile part of the world. Changes can happen between now and the finish day of the rally at any time.

START – BUDAPEST January 26, 2024

The rally will once again depart from one of Europe’s most beautiful cities, Budapest.


There will be only one extra long marathon stage in Europe. Teams will have to get to Genoa or one of the Spanish ports for the ferry crossing. Race tasks will only take place in Hungary and Slovenia on the night of the start.

Spectacular mountain roads, rocky paths across the Atlas and the Sarhro will take teams to the Bani mountains and old Dakar pistes. The rally will travel on the warmer, less wet Eastern side of the country thus avoiding rain and snow. Morocco will be demanding with its complex stages but the days will be shorter giving ample time to experience and discover this amazing country.  In an around Zagora and Erg Chigaga teams will get a glimpse of touareg life and Saharan cultures before continuing onto the dirt tracks of the Sahara. The rally will spend a night around the secret thermal spring of Dakhla.

The rally will visit Mauritania’s most spectacular places with some classic destinations and pure Saharan driving.  Expect golden sand dunes, soft desert paths and fast salt flats. We’ll pass through the Banc D’Arguin National Park and return to the B2 Beach named after the rally. Extreme off-road teams and race teams will have a chance to driving in the deep sands of the Sahara.


Grassy, bushy savannas will welcome the rally in Senegal. Experience traditional African village life under ancient baobab trees as you navigate along dusty donkey tracks. Watch hippos and crocodiles in the Gambia river or visit the Simenti National Park to hang out with monkeys. We’re hosting two festivals on the savanna in Senegal featuring local bands and DJs.


Dry savannas will be replaced by densely forested, wet green areas. We’ll pass through mountainous plateaus from central Guinea through northern Sierra Leone. The rally will visits the Fouta Djallon highlands in central Guinea.


From Guinea we will enter the magical land of Sierra Leone. Sierra Leone is one of the world’s most overlooked tourist destinations.  Palm tree lined sandy beaches and quaint African villages await on the last stages of the rally. The day before the finish we’re throwing a huge beach party in Bureh Beach complete with seafood chefs and local musicians. Finish line ceremonies are expected to be held at the country’s national stadium.

2024 Official Route

IMPORTANT: If you live in Spain, Portugal, Italy and France and don’t want to come to Budapest you may join the rally in Morocco. 


The rally route is subject to change any time between now and the day of the stage. For reasons of security, safety, weather or other natural or man made phenomena we reserve the right to change the route any time.

Stage Date Start & Finish
0 Jan26/ Feb16 Start-Budapest
1 Jan26-29
Budapest-Fez (SUPER MARATHON 3 DAYS) 3539 km
2 Jan30/ Feb20 Fez-Merzouga 477 km
3 Jan 31/ Feb21 Merzouga-Erg Chigaga 420 km
4 Feb 1/ Feb 22 Erg Chigaga-Assa 408 km
5 Feb 2/ Feb 23 Assa-Laayoune 546 km
6 Feb 3/ Feb 24 Laayoune-Bir Gandouz 740 km
7 Feb 4/ Feb 25 Bir Gandouz-Banc D’Arguine National Park 290 km
8 Feb 5/ Feb 26 BDNP-Nouakchott 180 km
8 Feb 5/ Feb 26 BDNP-Boutilimit 350 km
9 Feb 6/ Feb 27 Nouakchott-Richard Toll 344 km
9 Feb 6/ Feb 27 Boutilimit-Richard Toll 420 km
10 Feb 7/ Feb 28 Richard Toll-Tambacounda 450 km
11 Feb 8/ Feb 29 Tambacounda-Dindefelo 284 km
12 Feb 9/Mar 1 Dindefelo-Labe 173 km
13 Feb 10/Mar 2 Labe-Kindia 241 km
14 Feb 11/Mar 3 Kindia-Bureh Beach 337 km
15 Feb 12/Mar 4 Bureh Beach-Freetown 52 km
18 DAYS TOTAL 8276 km
: 459 km /day